Ultra-Comfy DIY Jersey Scarf

Well kids, it’s officially fall.  The temperatures are getting colder, and the beverages are getting spicier (pumpkin spicier, that is), and with that comes the need to keep yourself warm.  Perhaps you are like me, and have been wearing flannels and boots since the first sign of any temperature below 70 degrees, so maybe you don’t need an excuse to create something to protect your neck from the Autumn chill.  Perhaps you are one of those people who pairs a couple winter-y accessories with shorts and tanks and wears them all summer.  Perhaps, you are just reading this because we are bff’s and you feel obligated.  In any case, I think you’ll love this.

A few years back, one of my aunts purchased a handful of scarves at the airport because she flew into Columbus, Ohio from a warmer state, and forgot to consider the temperature change.  They were about $15 a piece, and came in a lovely range of colors, but what I liked about them most was that they were soft, tee-shirt-style, jersey-knit cotton.



I wanted one very badly.

I did a bit o’research.  American Apparel  has one that seems pretty lovely (knowing their t-shirts), but it’s $17 before shipping, and frankly, seems smaller and thinner than what I wanted (93” L x 16” W).  There are a few other companies that have them too, but don’t carry them anymore.


Over and over, I have seen these great scarves on Pinterest, that are just sooo long and snuggly that they may as well be the prettiest softest blanket you’ve ever worn with a coat, in public, by choice.

For all of these reasons, I decided to try my hand at one of my own…


And, BOY was it so easy!!

I went to Hobby Lobby, headed towards the fabric section and sought out the jersey knits.  They had several colors (fuchsia, green, aubergine, navy stripe, gray stripe, all kinds basically) at $6.99 per yard.  I went with gray, because it goes with all of my coats, and most of my clothes (so versatile, that gray).

Because I wanted my scarf to be almost too long, I bought 3yds (96”, 3” longer than the American Apparel one), bringing my total to right about $21.  The fabric was 60” wide.


So, ready for the how to?

You will need:

  • Your fabric (Jersey-knit, in the dimensions of your choosing. I wouldn’t go less than 5′ in length)
  • Fabric Sheers (used grown-up scissors this time)
  • A flat surface

Fold the fabric in half so it looks like 96” by 30”, and…



Wait for it….

Cut along the fold.


Then, because the American Apparel one has “raw” edges, and jersey fabric “naturally” rolls along the edges, all you do is give it a tug down all four sides, and you’re done.


There you go,

Not one DIY jersey scarf, but two great, super-long, comfy, casual scarves or wraps, for less than $10.50 each.


I’m pretty sure one could easily make this extra-long and create a super-simple baby wrap carrier, or nursing cover/scarf (for those of you who do need or will need one soon 😉 )

ALSO — If you want to make your scarf/wrap softer, the creators of the blog The Homestead Survival, have a great post on using brine to get the feel you desire. I may try this, and update you later.