Easy Peasy Fridge Frames

Well, well, well…look who’s back.

(It’s me, guys. I’m the one who’s back)

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any fun things for you to make/just look at/totally ignore.

It’s been a long, few months.  First of all, I became very…blue (we’ll call it), and I was quite unmotivated to participate in any activities, let alone documenting all my projects, editing photos, and tutorializing (a word I created) them all. Then, I found out I was expecting our first babe, and became instantly unmanageably sleepy (I seriously slept from 8pm til 8am for like 3 weeks). Since then, blogging hasn’t really been my focus.  But I’m now in my second trimester, and I’ve found my new motivation, and taken a few pictures.


This is a very difficult, arduous, meticulous, and tedious craft that you may not be able to complete without the help of a skilled artisan (like myself *snotty eyebrow raise*).

Ohmygosh…I’m totally kidding.


This would be a great craft to do with kiddies for Mothers’/Fathers’/Grandparents’ Day.  I just did it because my siblings and friends keep graduating or getting married, and sending me the tiniest of photos as mementos (You know, the size you can only display on your fridge or in those wallet flipbooks that only grandparents and teenage girls seem to have).


As I was wondering through the craft section at the local *ahem* supercenter one day, I saw washi-tape, and became inspired, though for what I do not know.  I bought 4 and ran—nay sprinted—home to use them.

Except then I had nothing to use them for.  As I sat at my kitchen table one day, pondering our future (that is, the washi tapes and me), my fridge seemed to look at me and say, “You know, you have this cute little kitchen, with bright colors, and vintage signs, and here I stand completely bare and boring.” I said “Fridge, you’re right. And I have pictures and tape, but they would look tacky by themselves.” I sighed, and Fridge whined a bit, and we went about the rest of our day.

Cut to me, back at the supercenter eyeing all of the picture frames and wondering why I have so few pictures displayed in my home…of anyone. Not me, not Hubby Man, not friends or family.  Nada.  And then the heaven’s parted, the angels sang, and there, on the picture frame aisle end-cap, was an array of clear, inexpensive, magnetic acrylic picture-holders (as they do not actually have frames.

What were the angels singing, you ask?

“Gloria in the highest!! Go forth and make beautiful your refrigerator! Tape these heavenly gifts with washi and Rejoice!!”

I mean, who argues with angels, am I right?

So, without further ado:

Easy Peasy Fridge Frames:

  • Washi Tape in assorted colors – between $1-$3
  • Acrylic magnetic frames (got mine at Walmart on the cheap)
  • Sharp scissors or blade of some sort – I used an Exacto Knife, but you could use almost anything besides safety scissors…which also means- don’t let babes do this part (in case that wasn’t blatantly obvious to you at first).
  • Kindly ignore the wrinkly fabric in the following photographs.

Step 1:  Pick your tape. I picked my tape to match my kitchen, (which upon further review, means basically any color).


Step 2:  Pick your frames.  Keeping picture sizes in mind, choose your frames. Of course, you’ll want to remember that adding tape subtracts from the amount of surface space on your frame (e.g.- a 5×7 becomes a 4×6 with 1” washi tape).

Step 3:  Decide how you want to add your strips of tape and do so.  I decided that it would look more symmetrical to have the two vertical pieces overlapping the two horizontal pieces, instead of working in a clock-wise pattern, or something like that. Make sure to leave at least an inch of excess off the edges to make for easy trimming.


Step 4: Pulling the excess tape taut, run the blade as closely along the edge of the frame as possible. On the curved end, make a judgment call as to where you want your tape to end to appear flat.


(This…er…hand model is clearly not pulling the tape)


Step 5: Add your other two strips of tape, and you’re finished.



Now all that’s left is to place a picture inside and stick it to anything magnetic (except…phones, or credit cards. Don’t do that).