DIY Whipped Body Butter, featuring Young Living Essential Oils

It is 31 degrees “in my neck of the woods” today, and you know what that means? Winter is coming.

No, I am not referring to scary undead frozen zombies from beyond The Wall (and Beautiful Gorgeous Kit Harrington), I am referring to scary dead looking cracked dry skin that INEVITABLY happens in the winter time.

What makes matters worse? I have incredibly sensitive skin.  I can’t use any sort of scented lotion on my legs, especially if they’re recently shaved, as I will get terribly itchy red bumps all over the place, AND I can only use very specific mild moisturizers on my face.

Now, if you have been on Pinterest in the past two years, you, like me, have probably been BOMBARDED with pins about the magical healing powers of Coconut Oil.  Last year, being very frustrated with my inability to use lotions, I decided to go full-ham on being a hippy, and started the “no-poo” method for hair cleansing (didn’t work in C-Ville’s awful water), only used coconut oil to moisturize, and began cleansing my face with argan oil (which is actually legit amaze-balls, and is the only choice I have continued to use).

The coconut oil worked for about a month, using daily like lotion.  Then I went to the lake for vacation, and I don’t know if it was the amount of time I spent in the water, or my skin just finally made up its mind, but after that week, coconut oil started making my skin DRY!!

I talked to a few people, and it turns out, I’m not the only one who had this issue. My sister-in-law, an incredibly talented esthetician, and aficionado of “organic self-care,” suggested I mix it with cocoa or shea butter, and give it another try.  So I took to Amazon Prime (one of God’s greatest gifts) and ordered Organic, All-Natural, Unrefined, Grade A, African Shea Butter (that’s not even the full product name, seriously, look).

But then I got lazy and didn’t do it…

For the last five or six months, I have had the ugly bag of just Shea butter sitting on my nightstand, using it alone to moisturize my skin.  IT. IS. GREAT.  I just break off a little chunk and warm it in my hands, and it has basically the same feel as Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa – Lay It On Thick Body Cream; HOWEVER, it does not smell fantastic.  I mean, it doesn’t have a bad smell—it smells very natural—it is just not a fragrance I desire to have upon my body parts. I tried mixing some cheapy Lavender Oil with it, but it was just so thick that the oils didn’t combine well (in my hands, I didn’t actually try that hard, in truth).

Cut to – last week.

I received my Young Living Everyday Essentials Oils Kit in the mail.

Yo…this has been a game changer. Like…you know the slogan for Frank’s Red Hot Sauce? It totesies applies to my life with essential oils. I put those things:

–          On myself

–          On my husband

–          On my dogs

–          On my pillows

–          In the air

–          In the laundry

–          In my body

–          Anywhere I can friggin use them, they’re there.

So as I was filling my diffuser the other night, getting ready for bed, an idea hit me.

What if I combined my favorite moisturizers with my new favorite smells.

I could go to bed feeling moisturized, with happy safe skin, and with the added wellness benefits of whichever EO (essential oil) I chose to add to it.

THEN I got another idea

What if I made two?!

I know

Slow your roll, Fish

Just hear me out,

One for use at work, where my hands are always in need of lotion (I mean, I wash my hands guys…) and my brain is always in need of a Pick-Me-Up; and one at home, for post shower or pre-bedtime, or basically whenever I want (because they’re mine and I’m the boss).

So I made myself some DIY Whipped Body Butter



(Do you have to use Young Living, specifically? No.  But I do recommend only using therapeutic grade oils to ensure safety and quality.  I have tried cheaper ones, and they actually are not as pure, meaning they react differently to air and skin than therapeutic grade oils)

What You Need:


–          Approximately ¼ cup Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

o   Like I always say “Cold pressed is the best”

o   The one I used is pictured

o   Nutiva is another good one I have used

o   I’ve never actually said “Cold pressed is the best” out loud, or even thought it, before today.

–          Approximately ½ cup Unrefined Organic Shea Butter (or Cocoa Butter)

–          Approximately 1 tbsp Jojoba Oil (or almond oil, or argan oil, vitamin E oil, or none of the above)

–          Young Living Essential Oils, I used:

o   Lavender

o   Stress Away ( Young Living Blend of Lime, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Copaiba)

o   Peppermint

o   Lemon

o   Use whatever ratio of therapeutic grade oils suits you and your needs best

–          Tight seal containers:

o   mine are from TJ Maxx

o   food storage containers that have the rubbery seal on the lid like canning jars

o   You absolutely could use canning jars, and your butter would look so much prettier than minebutter2

In a double boiler (mine is just a metal mixing bowl over a small pot of water) melt down your 1. coconut oil, 2. shea butter , and 3. add any additional oils as you so desire, mine is Jojoba.


Mix together and (if you’re making two different scents) divide into two separate containers.


These can be different containers than you use to store your Whipped Body Butter, but I wasn’t feeling the extra dishes (and it was 1 am) so I used the same ones.

After the “carrier oils” (i.e. oils used as a vehicle for EO’s) have cooled significantly (like an uncomfortable bathwater temperature or cooler to the touch), add your EO’s.butter7

For an invigorating scent I added 6 drops of Young Living Peppermint, and 2 drops of Lemon.

**The lemon, while invigorating in itself, also helps cut some of the sweetness from the peppermint, while not being too lemony, at this ratio.

This was the end total of what I added.  Basically, I would add a few, stir, and then smell to see if I had reached the strength of fragrance I desired.

**When in doubt, always add too little, because you can always add more (and then you haven’t wasted anything), but you can’t take it  back out.**

For a soothing, relaxing scent, in the other container, I added 3 drops of Lavender (it is POTENT my friends), and 5 drops of Stress Away.

**I LOVE Lavender and Vanilla. Stress away contains oils of Lime, Vanilla, Cedarwood and Copaiba, so it has a sweet, spicy, tangy smell.  GOSH IT’S AMAZING ON ITS OWN, BUT WITH LAVENDER…IT’S A SLEEP TIME-BOMB!!

Ok, here is where I made a mistake.  With my Relaxing combo, I let it cool (i.e. re-solidify) on the ugly green kitchen counter (go ahead and judge me) for about thirty minutes while I did other things.  When I came back, basically nothing had happened to the consistency of the oils.  So I went ahead and dumped it in the mixer and tried to whip it…to no avail.


Now I don’t know about essential oils, but I know when baking, you don’t want to beat the life out of anything in your mixer because it breaks down molecules and amino acids and peptides and all kinds of other science-y stuff (thank you, Alton Brown).  I found that I was beating the crap out of that oil and nothing was happening, other than some bubble action, for a good 20min.  I finally got some whip, after I cranked my mixer all the way up for a long time.

Live and Learn, am I right?



With my Invigorate container, I stuck it in the freezer for about 10-15 min.  Not long enough to re-solidify, but long enough to turn into a soft butter consistency (like what you’d want for cookies).

And we’re back in business

After your oils have cooled, add them to your mixer and “WHIP IT UP, BABYYYY!” (See Jim Gaffigan, Beyond the Pale)


I set the old 70’s KitchenAid (go on, judge me again, but it only cost $50) on 8 with the whisk attachment and let it go for about 4 or 5 minutes, until my oils were whipped together to form creamy stiff peaks.

Then I just scooped it into my little “tight seal” containers with a spatula, closed them up,

And Ta-Da!!


DIY Whipped Body Butter, in two wonderful fragrances.

The Invigorate has the smell of Bath and Body Works CO Bigelow Mentha Body care line, and the Relax has a sweet but woody Lavender scent, like a really relaxing bubble bath.

Now, they are oils, so they are still a touch oily when you apply them to the skin, but they absorb so quickly are so creamy thanks to the Shea Butter, that it shouldn’t be a problem.


If you are interested in Young Living Oils, check out this page and put 2163717 in the box that says “Sponsor Number.”  They really are a great way to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle free of crazy scary toxins and chemicals.

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